Enrolment Process

familyWhere possible we try to give options to Educators allowing you the choice but sometimes this is not possible due to lack of vacancies, but we try our best to best match you and your child with the right Educator.

  1. Contact us on 3890 5111 and a Practice Mentor will complete a request for care; the Coordination Unit will then search for the best possible care options available.
  2. Once an Educator has been found to meet your requirements, you will need to complete online enrolment forms. https://athomefdc.hubworks.com.au/ (ENROL No Login Required)
  3. Details of the Educator(s) will be provided so you can set up a convenient time for both you, your child and the Educator (s)
  4. During the interview with the Educator you should discuss: fees, hours, your needs and the needs of your child
  5. Once happy and your choice for care has been made, you will discuss with the Educator a start date
  6. The Educator will then inform the Coordination Unit of the start date.
  7. The Coordination Unit will visit your child in the first month to see how your child has settled into care, we will then contact you, to ensure you as a family are also happy.

If we are unable to match your care requirements you are welcome to put your child on our waitlist and you will be notified of possible care as it becomes available.


Family Day Care Educators are self employed operating their own Child Care Service with the support and guidance of the Coordination Unit. Each individual Educator sets their own Fee Structure within our guidelines of the Schemes Policies and Procedures and Government Regulations. You will be given the information of the fees applicable to you during the enrolment process.

At Home Family Day Care Scheme is an approved service and you maybe entitled to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) contact Family Assistance Office (FAO) www.familyassist.gov.au or 13 61 50

At Home Family Day Care Service collects the CCS portion of child care payments from the the Family Assistance Office. Gap payments or full fee payments are paid weekly to the Educators via Direct Debit on a weekly basis unless other arangements are made.

Once you have made your choice and your child starts care with your chosen Educator one of our Coordinators will visit your child to see how they are settling in. After our visit we will make contact with you, discuss your child, any concerns, and how you are feeling about the care so far. Each month the Coordinators visit the Educator, if your child is in care that day you will be left a slip stating a visit has happened and what your child was doing at that time.

Our service would like to build strong collaborative relationships with families, we encourage you to contact The Coordination team at anytime, we will be only too happy to discuss your child’s care.