Our Philosophy

Vision: Our Vision for our Children and Families is to provide high quality Education and Care of all cultural backgrounds. Our Vision for our Educators is to grow, succeed and develop in their Home Based Child Care businesses.

In obtaining Our Vision At Home Family Day Care Scheme will develop and maintain best practice in complying with the National Quality Standard and legislative requirements. We also aim to do this as a dedicated team, as team effort is vital in achieving Our Vision.

At Home Family Day Care Scheme:-

We believe Partnership with Children, Families, Educators and Staff is important in promoting the growth and development within the At Home Family Day Care Scheme. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, competent and reliable service. We believe being in partnership is like we are in the journey together to enrich the children’s lives.

We believe Respect, Honesty and Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships and we value in building relationships based on Respect, Honesty and mutual Trust between Families, Educators, Staff and Children.

We believe that Families are children’s first and most influential Educators in their lives. It is vital and important that communication lines are open and honest at every step of the way, this way children have the best learning outcome from what they have obtained from Families and incorporate the knowledge gained from them into their daily structure. In obtaining these we must trust, respect and collaborate for a strong partnership to enhance children’s learning potential and development.

We believe that Educators need to be innovative in their thinking and practices in order to scaffold children’s learning. We believe Educators must provide opportunities for self-choice, intentional teaching and spontaneous experiences. Our Aim for our Educators is to strive and provide a warm and nurturing home environment so that children can work at their own pace to reach their physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. Provide flexible play base curriculum that provides different learning styles and also supporting individual and cultural diversity.

We value The Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place it will be our guide to care and educate. This will allow young children to develop a sense of belonging, whilst being a child in the here and now, and also acknowledge the rapid change and growth of who they are becoming.

We respect and embrace all Children, Families, Educators and Staff from different religious backgrounds and unique cultural diverse backgrounds. They will be treated equitable and included in all parts of the At Home Family Day Care Scheme. We are also committed in developing and nurturing relationships within the wider community to advocate for Family Day Care.

We believe in conservation, caring for our environment and having sustainable practices to care for our world. In attaining this we believe in collaborative and united effort from Families, Educators and Staff in promoting to children of the importance of Sustainability.

We are committed to providing dedicated, trained and qualified staff members who are devoted to the care and wellbeing of the children, Families and Educators we serve. Through our programs, we will deliver high standards of care for children and endeavor to support all children to build their self-esteem in an environment where all people are respected. We aim to provide a clean, safe and happy learning environment for all children in care. The children who are educated and cared for in our service will be nurtured in a safe stimulating home environment.

We believe that Professional Development of Educators and Staff is important to pursue and maintain. At Home Family Day Care Scheme is committed in supporting, training and encouraging ongoing development for all Educators and Staff.

We believe that hard work and team work is vital and important in the foundation of our service to succeed. We strive to be committed, passionate and dedicated in providing continuous improvement within our service. We believe that this is the key and foundation for our service to progress and succeed.